How to RENEW

If you are RENEWING your subscription to the DLA (i.e you were a member last year)


Our subscription rates have not been changed this year (click here for list) - same as last year so great value!

There are several different ways of getting the money to us: 

DIRECT DEBIT - if you have received an email informing you that you have a valid direct debit mandate in place, then you need take no action as the subscription will be automatically collected and you will then receive a confirmation email

CHEQUE - you can post a cheque, payable to the Discrimination Law Association, to the DLA office, or

BANK TRANSFER - make a BACS payment to the DLA's bank account - for details please contact the DLA office (please note that our sort code has recently changed)

Finally if you would like to pay by CARD, we have introduced a new payment system hosted by eventbrite (as if signing up for an event) which we hope will be more user-friendly than the previous one - click here to go direct to our secure subscription site 

Select today's date to start the process and then click on the down arrow to select Quantity "1" against the membership category appropriate for you or your organisation (click here for list), then click on ORDER NOW at the bottom of the screen

Once that's done - you will be asked how you want to pay :

  • by credit/debit card (default option) OR
  • pay by cheque (= payment later by some other means)

Leave the "pay by debit/credit card" option to make a secure online payment and fill in your card details as usual.

Once you have made your payment method selection and filled in your details, you will receive a confirmation email.   Please contact the DLA officeif you need to provide us with a purchase order number or require an invoice/formal receipt.
If you are renewing your subscription by direct debit/cash/BACS, you don't need to use the eventbrite site.