exciting programme of talks in the pipeline : gig economy, modern slavery, indirect discrimination and religion in the workplace

Date and time: 
1 January 2100 12:00am
We are pleased to announce an exciting programme of forthcoming talks for the spring/summer.
Further details to follow soon.


March 2017 (date tba) 8:30am - 9:30am at Leigh Day Solicitors

Tom Linden QC of Matrix Chambers and Annie Powellof Leigh Day

"Gig economy", the Uber ET judgment and the impact on discrimination law


April 2017 (date & venue tba)

James Robottomof 7 Bedford Row and Jamila Duncan-Bosu of the Anti-trafficking and Labour Exploitation Unit

Modern Slavery and Discrimination Law


June 2017 (date & venue tba)

Indirect Discrimination


19 July 2017 at 6:00pm at Cloisters Chambers

Dee Masters and Shona Jolly of Cloisters Chambers

Religion in the Workplace