Open meetings

Occasionally, the DLA organises Open Meetings on important discrimination law topics and which are also open to non-members. We usually have an Open Meeting with a guest speaker at our Annual General Meetings.

AGM 2014

Many thanks to all those who attended the DLA AGM and annual social event on Tuesday, 25th February 2014.

Our guest speaker was Lou Englefield, director of Pride Sports, who spoke very eloquently on “Homophobia in Football - Tackling Discrimination in the Beautiful Game” and was happy to answer the many questions that her talk provoked.

Pride Sports is the UK’s LGBT Sports Development and Equality organisation, established in 2006.  In 2012 Pride Sports took over the delivery of the Football v Homophobia campaign, an annual initiative to raise awareness of and tackle LGBT discrimination in football.

The DLA is very grateful to Doughty Street Chambersfor hosting the meeting.

Examining the Place of Mediation in Equality Cases

Following the publication of the Gibbons Review, the government issued a consultation paper on changes to the employment dispute resolution process, 'Success at Work: Resolving Disputes in the Workplace- a consultation'. This recommends moving away from the existing Statutory Dispute Resolution Procedures, and suggests a move towards a greater role for mediation.

Melanie Pine, Director of the Equality Tribunal, Ireland, discusses the usefulness of mediation in the resolution of equality disputes. In Ireland the Equality Tribunal mediates all equality cases unless either the applicant or the respondent does not prefer mediation. If the mediation is unsuccessful, the Equality Tribunal can hear the case.

May 2007

The EHRC and the Single Equality Bill

John Wadham, Legal Group Director at the Equality and Human Rights Commission, outlines the EHRC’s duties and powers, its future programme, the Single Equality Bill, and Public Sector Equality Duties.

Guest Speaker address at DLA AGM, November 2007