This response to the UK government consultation highlights the DLA's concerns regarding the proposal for an EC Directive providing protection against discrimination outside of employment on grounds of religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation

Discrimination and Redundancy

Redundancy ... is it a smoke screen concealing the real reason for selection?

This powerpoint presentation was provided by Elizabeth Graves, Kathleen Healy and Susan Doris from Freshfields

Ethnic Minority Under-representation in Parliament

The DLA's recommendations for a legal framework that would enable the under-representation of ethnic minority MPs to be corrected, prepared in response to the Race Relations (Election Candidates) Bill introduced by Keith Vaz in February 2008. 

The Path to Citizenship

The DLA's response to the Govenment proposals to tighten up immigration rules for non-European Migrants

Legal Complaints Service: The publication of solicitors complaints records

This is a response to the Legal Complaints Service's consultation. While the DLA broadly welcomes the proposal for the publication of solicitor's legal complaints records, it has a number of recommendations that would further improve clients' access to redress in the event of discrimination by their solicitor, and ensure also that BME solicitors are not disproportionately affected by the new measures.

April 2008

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