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The DLA has issued a statement on George Floyd and provided a list of resources giving further information and donation options

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The Discrimination Law Association is dismayed and saddened by the violent killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We stand with the organisations across Minneapolis, America and the world in condemning the police officers’ action, inaction and complicity in this act. We also condemn the subsequent violence against a community mourning. We acknowledge your pain and injustice.

We understand that racism of this sort is not limited by geography and we mourn similar acts of violence against black and minority individuals here in the UK. We stand with all victims of oppression against the systemic abuse of power and we condemn police state violence and discrimination in all its forms.

The DLA, its members and allies stand together to speak out against inequality and oppression. As a Committee, we encourage all members and allies to demonstrate their support with this movement however they feel able. We have provided below a list of resources for members who wish to educate themselves further or provide physical, financial or moral support to the ongoing struggle against racism and inequality. This list is necessarily limited and we encourage everyone to seek out a cause they feel they can support.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”

Martin Luther King Jr

Donate and further information (click on links)

· Official George Floyd Memorial Fund organized by Philonise Floyd

· Support Minnesota Freedom Fund on GiveMN

· Black Lives Matter

· Black Lives Matter UK



· Stand Up To Racism

· The Red Card

· The Network for Police Monitoring

Petitions to sign

· Justice for George Floyd

· Justice for Ahmaud Arbery

· Justice for Belly Mujinga