DLA's new-look Executive Committee confirmed at this year's Annual General Meeting held on Wednesday 26th February 2020

Many thanks to all those who managed to attend this year's Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 26th February - it was an enjoyable evening and an opportunity to meet plenty of new people.  Welcome to all our new committee members.

The AGM approved the Annual Report and accounts (attached) and confirmed all 14 nominations (full list attached) so that they are all now officially Trustees - our 15th nomination withdrew at the last moment (for a good reason as he realised that new commitments will make him too busy).  Colin Davidson nominated himself to be Treasurer and was confirmed as such, however no one nominated themselves as Chair - this is obviously an important job and this gap will need to be addressed in the near future. 

The line-up of the new Committee is below:


  • Yara Ali-Adib
  • Jonathan Boyle
  • Ryan Bradshaw
  • Georgina Churchhouse
  • Kim Crangle
  • Natasha Dare
  • Colin Davidson (Treasurer)
  • Kate Egerton
  • Jade Hammon
  • Anna Kaminska
  • Leila Moran
  • Jonathan Rackham
  • Maurice Serrell
  • Annapurna Waughray



Date and time: 
30 November 2020 12:00am
EC nominations 2020.pdf163.19 KB