PGM: Complex Gender Identities and the Equality Act - Robin Moira White (Old Square Chambers) - 15 December 2020

Date and time: 
15 December 2020 6:00pm

Practitioners Group Meeting 

  • date: Tuesday 15th December 2020
  • time: 6:00-7:00pm
  • topic: Complex Gender Identities and the Equality Act
  • speakerRobin Moira White (Old Square Chambers)
  • venue: video conference via zoom
  • RSVP: Click here to reserve a place at this event  

Robin Moira White will be discussing the implications of Taylor v Jaguar Land Rover, decided by the Birmingham employment tribunal on 14th September 2020, for the protected characteristic of Gender Reassignment. Has it been broadened to ‘Gender Identity’? Are gender-fluid and non-binary and other complex gender identities now protected? What are the implications for internal policies? What lessons does the case teach about the handling of diversity and inclusion by a large employer?

Robin Moira White acted for the Claimant in the case.

Robin has agreed to take questions in advance which will be discussed at the session. Please submit questions to the DLA administrator ([email protected]) by 5:00pm on Tuesday 15th December.

This meeting is free for members.


This PGM will be conducted by video conference using zoom.

You can join the event from any internet browser using a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. You are recommended to download the zoom app before the start but this is not essential.

Login details will be sent to everyone who has registered just before the start of the talk (from about 5:45pm) - hopefully everyone will be connected by 6:00pm so that we can start promptly.

If you have questions during the talk, please type them into the Chat facility at the bottom of the screen.