Single equalities bill

The EHRC and the Single Equality Bill

John Wadham, Legal Group Director at the Equality and Human Rights Commission, outlines the EHRC’s duties and powers, its future programme, the Single Equality Bill, and Public Sector Equality Duties.

Guest Speaker address at DLA AGM, November 2007

Discrimination Law Review Report: A Framework For Fairness

This is one of the DLA's most comprehensive analyses of the current state of anti-discrimination provisions in Britain. It uses the experience of DLA members, case law, and hypothetical cases to argue for a robust single equality bill and against any retreat from existing levels of protection. While generally supportive of the move towards a single equality bill, it raises several serious concerns regarding the possible content of a future bill, and makes a call for specific attention to be paid to positive action and multiple discrimination. 

September 2007

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