This response to the UK government consultation highlights the DLA's concerns regarding the proposal for an EC Directive providing protection against discrimination outside of employment on grounds of religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation

Discrimination and Redundancy

Redundancy ... is it a smoke screen concealing the real reason for selection?

This powerpoint presentation was provided by Elizabeth Graves, Kathleen Healy and Susan Doris from Freshfields

Indirect Discrimination in Disability Discrimination

Our response to the Office for Disability Issues consultation highlights some of the difficulties that applying the concept of indirect discrimination to disability discrimination would entail. We also offer recommendations for overcoming the weakened legal protection against disability discrimination that has been resulted from the House of Lords decision in Malcolm.

DLA submission for DWP inquiry on equality bill and disability

This submission contains the DLA's views how the equality bill should tackle disability equality.

Malcolm PGM Papers Now Available

Catherine Casserley has now made her papers on the Malcolm decision, which were presented at this month's PGM available to DLA members

The House of Lords overturns Clark v Novocold. Where to now for DDA cases?

The House of Lords in Mayor and Burgesses of the London Borough of Lewisham v Malcolm has just overturned one of the key tests in disability discrimination cases - to the detriment of many claimants.

Cathy Casserley of Cloisters Chambers, one of the team on Malcolm and former policy expert at the Disability Rights Commission, will speak and lead a discussion on the implications of Malcolm and how to proceed in practice.

The new Public Sector Duties (DDA and Equality Act)

January 2007

The Disability Discrimination Act 2005 amended the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA) to insert the disability equality duty – known as the general duty – into the Act. The duty is aimed at tackling systemic discrimination, and ensuring that public authorities build disability equality into everything that they do. In addition, the Equality Act has introduced a similar duty on public authorities in relation to gender.

This PGM led by Catherine Casserley of the DRC and Jill Brown of Outer Temple Chambers examines the requirements of the duties and looks at how they might be used more generally in litigation carried out on behalf of disabled people and in litigation dealing with gender issues. Briefing 445, Vol.31 contains notes from the meeting.

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