EHRC draft supplementary Code on age discrimination

The DLA has submitted a response to the EHRC's consultation on its draft Age Supplement to the Code of Practice on Services, Public Functions and Associations.

You can read the DLA's response here (please note that nil responses have not been included)

You can read the EHRC's draft Code here

Welsh Declaration of the Rights of Older People

The DLA has submitted a response to the Welsh Declaration on the Rights of Older People.

You can read this submission here

You can find full details of this consultation here

Age discrimination

Declan O'Dempsey gave an update on age discrimination law on 21st November 2012.

Age Discrimination

DLA's response to the GEO consultation: "Equality Act 2010: Ending age discrimination in services, public functions and associations"


This response to the UK government consultation highlights the DLA's concerns regarding the proposal for an EC Directive providing protection against discrimination outside of employment on grounds of religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation

Discrimination and Redundancy

Redundancy ... is it a smoke screen concealing the real reason for selection?

This powerpoint presentation was provided by Elizabeth Graves, Kathleen Healy and Susan Doris from Freshfields

Joint Meeting: Strategic litigation on age related matters

April 2007

This joint DLA event with TAEN (The Age and Employment Network) and Justice discusses the core concepts involved in direct and indirect age discrimination, and the role of strategic cases with the aim of equipping participants to play an active role in the use of strategic cases to resolve issues arising from the Age Regulations.

Presentations are from Gay Moon of Justice, and Robin Allen QC and Declan O’Dempsey of Cloisters Chambers.

Age discrimination: The new law

June 2006

Karon Monaghan of Matrix Chambers presents on the new anti-discrimination provisions relating to age: Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006. Definitions, including a comparison with the Framework Directive, the obligations on employers, and exceptions are discussed in the light of case law. Contentious points, including provisions relating to retirement are also analysed.

EC Proposals for a new Directive prohibiting discrimination outside employment

In its submission to the EC, the DLA makes a number of specific recommendations regarding the text of this proposed Directive, specifically in the areas of exceptions, positive action, victimination, multiple discrimination, equality bodies, and public procurement.

The DLA strongly recommends that these changes are introduced via a single Directive covering all four grounds of discrimination (religion or belief, age, disability, and sexual orientation), rather than separate Directives for each ground. We believe that a single Directive will aid legal clarity and transparency from the perspective of individuals, employers and service-providers. In addition, a single Directive is a better response to the situation of those who experience multiple discrimination. The DLA raises the concern that the introduction of a further Directive does not lead to any regression from the level of protection already guaranteed in the existing Directives.

January 2008

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