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This DLA journal is a valuable resource which provides accessible and authoritative analysis of the latest developments in discrimination law. While there are other publications providing an overview of recent decisions, this is the only publication to take an explicitly complainant-oriented perspective and cover all areas of discrimination law.

Briefings contains editorials with analytical overviews of current issues, discussions of recent cases and their implications for practitioners, and reviews of recent discrimination law publications. A hard copy of the latest issue is posted to all members three times a year.

Volumes 1-12 of Briefings were not formally published, are provided here as collections.

1 February 2006Vol. 27 (391-404) 
1 October 2005Vol. 26 (377-390)Sample edition available to all users 
1 June 2005Vol. 25 (363-376) 
1 December 2004Vol. 24 (348-362) 
1 November 2004Vol. 23 (333-347) 
1 June 2004Vol. 22 (320-332) 
1 February 2004Vol. 21 (307-319) 
1 October 2003Vol. 20 (290-306) 
1 June 2003Vol. 19 (279-289) 
1 February 2003Vol. 18 (266-278)