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Who we are

The DLA is a non-profit network that brings together a broad range of discrimination law practitioners, policy experts, academics, and concerned individuals and organisations, all united around a commitment to strengthening anti-discrimination law, practice, advice and education in the UK.

According to members, the DLA is special because of its:

“Wide range of people and groups that are represented…”
“Focus on discrimination law from the point of view of complainants…”
“Practical advice and application of law in practice…”

We now have some 300 members and reach hundreds more people through the organisations that are our members, as well as through allied networks, groups and institutions.

Our President is Sir Geoffrey Bindman. We have an Executive Committee, annually elected by members and made of up to 15 members. The full list of Committee members is given below:

  • Nicola Redhead (Chair)
  • Colin Davidson ( Treasurer)
  • Gemma Grant
  • Atif Kaudri
  • Declan O'Dempsey
  • Jonathan Rackham
  • Dave Ratchford
  • Laura Redman
  • Annapurna Waughray