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What we do

Please note that the Discrimination Law Association is not an advice service and we cannot provide advice to the public.

  • The DLA seeks to improve the quality of assistance and support available to people who are, or who may be, facing discrimination;
  • The DLA promotes an understanding of the needs of people who suffer discrimination, or are likely to do so, and seeks to ensure that such needs are taken into account in policy and legal practice;
  • The DLA provides training to those who give legal assistance and advice to people facing discrimination;
  • The DLA gathers and disseminates information to its members and to governmental and non-governmental organisations and the wider public on matters relevant to the development and application of discrimination law.

Since it was formally set up in 1995, the DLA has established a reputation for its knowledge, expertise and understanding of discrimination law issues. We help shape policy and influence positive change through our submissions to consultations and pro-actively raising issues of concern. Participation from members ensures that our contributions to policy and public debates are grounded in and informed by the experiences of those affected by discrimination cases and issues on a daily basis.

Practitioner Group Meetings provide a unique opportunity for members to discuss discrimination law matters in an informal setting with diverse experts and practitioners. They are of particular interest to those advising and representing complainants. The DLA is registered with the Bar Standards Board and the Law Society as a provider of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) for members of the legal profession .

The DLA journal Briefings is written for lawyers and non-lawyers and sent free to members three times a year. It provides valuable updates and accessible, complainant-oriented analysis of current developments in discrimination law.

E-News is a monthly news and information service keeping members updated on discrimination law news and cases. We also use e-mail to alert members to the latest developments, events, and reports in the law and practice in the UK and Europe.

The DLA annual conference provides space for innovative thinking about current and future issues in discrimination law.

The DLA is incorporated as a company limited by guarantee, Registration No. 3862592. The DLA is registered as a charity under number 1124892.