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Through this monthly information service, we keep members updated on discrimination law news and cases. With members in every area of practice we are uniquely placed to bring you up-to-the-minute news of debates and progress in legislation both at home and in Europe.

E-News contains updates on DLA members' meetings, news of DLA responses to consultations, news of forthcoming discrimination law conferences, meetings and trainings; brief summaries of the latest cases; news of discrimination law developments at home and abroad.

24 November 2018eNews No 196 November 2018 
29 October 2018eNews No 195 October 2018 
21 September 2018eNews No 194 September 2018 
21 August 2018eNews No 193 August 2018 
16 July 2018eNews No 192 July 2018 
22 May 2018eNews No 191 May 2018 
30 April 2018eNews No 190 April 2018 
2 April 2018eNews No 189 March 2018 
28 February 2018eNews No 188 February 2018 
23 January 2018eNews No 187 January 2018