Interim funding arrangements for the Equality and Human Rights Commission

The DLA welcomes the opportunity to comment on the EHRC's proposals for its funding of external organisations during 2008-9. The year 2008-9 is likely to be a critical one for the EHRC in terms of establishing its role and credibility with government, the public and its very wide range of stakeholders.

The DLA submits that the EHRC's decisions regarding how it supports, or fails to support, the very wide range of external organisations working in areas within its statutory mandate.

The DLA strongly recommended a total re-ordering of the EHRC's priorities for funding in 2008-9 so that its first two priorities should be the current fourth and third and fourth priorities, namely Provision of complainant aid services and Promoting an understanding of the importance of equalities and human rights.

November 2007

Date published: 
1 November 2007
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