A Memorial Fund has now been established to continue Caroline Gooding’s memory by recognising work in line with her principles

Date published: 
20 December 2017

Caroline Gooding






The death in 2014 of Caroline Gooding, champion of disability equality rights and outstanding discrimination lawyer, vice chair of the DLA, was widely reported, not only in DLA Briefings (November 2014) but in the Guardian (10/8/2014) and on BBC's Last Word (14/9/2014). 

Because of Caroline's long and close involvement with DLA, the then DLA Chair was invited with others who had known and worked with Caroline  to discuss ways in which her important contributions could be recognised and her ambitions for equality rights and justice for disabled people taken forward. 

The good news is that the Caroline Gooding Memorial Fund has recently been established in order to achieve some of the ideas put forward after her death, including supporting disabled law students and others who contribute to the extension or enforcement of disability equality rights and holding an annual Caroline Gooding memorial lecture.

DLA members who knew, or knew of, Caroline Gooding in her work over many years to secure effective disability equality legislation, as Special Adviser at the Disability Rights Commission, as a campaigner or as a mentor may wish to support the Fund.  This letter from Anne Kane explains more about the Fund and the contributions it needs to fulfil its purpose. Also below are forms which can be used to make a donation to the Fund.