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Five PGMs coming up: "Shifting the burden of proof" on 23 November; "Disclosure & Demeanour" on 13 December; "Reasonable Adjustments in Court/ET" on 18 December; "Unfair Dismissal Rights" on 24 January; "Case Preparation/ Case Management" on 19 February

Event date

Just a reminder of our PGM next week - Jeffrey Jupp will be speaking on the subject of "Shifting the burden of proof, what evidence can a claimant rely on?" at 6:00pm next Thursday 23rd November at 7BR Chambers.

But we have a whole programme of events for you which extend well into the New Year. Please take a look below and book!

These events will be hybrid (in-person and online) but we would encourage you to come along to the venue if at all possible.

  • date: Thursday 23rd November 2023
  • time: 6:00-7.30pm
  • speaker: Jeffrey Jupp
  • topic: Shifting the burden of proof, what evidence can a claimant rely on?
  • venue: 7BR Chambers, 7 Bedford Row, Holborn, London WC1R 4BS
  • register: here
  • date: Wednesday 13th December 2023
  • time: 6:00-7.30pm
  • speaker: Gus Baker
  • topic: Disclosure and Demeanour
  • venue: Outer Temple Chambers, 222 Strand, London WC2R 1BA
  • register: here
  • date: Monday 18th December 2023
  • time: 6:00-7.30pm
  • speaker: John Horan
  • topic: Habib: the ETBB strikes back! - the theory and practice of reasonable adjustments in court and tribunal proceedings
  • venue: Cloisters Chambers (entrance in Elm Court, Temple, London EC4Y 7AA)
  • register: here
  • date: Wednesday 24th January 2024
  • time: 6:00-7.30pm
  • speaker: Claire Darwin KC
  • topic: Using the Human Rights Act 1998 to Acquire and Strengthen Unfair Dismissal Rights
  • venue: Matrix Chambers, Griffin Building, Gray’s Inn, London WC1R 5LN
  • register: here
  • date: Monday 19th February 2024
  • time: 6:00-7.30pm
  • speaker: Jude Shepherd
  • topic: Case Preparation/Case Management.
  • venue: 42BR Chambers, 11 Staple Inn, London WC1V 7QH
  • register: here

These meetings are free for DLA members. Non-members are asked to pay £10 (or join). If you are attending online, login details will be sent in due course.

We look forward to seeing you soon at one or more of these events!