Challenging Racism: Using the Human Rights Act

Date published: 
1 January 2005
Challenging Racism: Using the Human Rights Act Edited by Barry Clarke

This book is a practical guide to using the Human Rights Act to take legal action against incidences of racism. It includes chapters on:

  • Criminal law
  • Education
  • Immigration law
  • Freedom of expression
  • Religious discrimination
  • Racial harassment
  • Housing law
  • Actions against the police
  • Employment law
  • Funding cases

Each chapter is written by an expert from within the field, and provides information on how the act relates to existing legislation, commentary on the relevant parts of the act, examples of cases that could be pursued, and analysis of the problems that could arise.

Contributors: Geoffrey Bindman, Barry Clarke, Barbara Cohen, Helena Cook, Razia Karim, Philip Engelman, Makbool Javaid, Sadiq Khan, Ramby de Mello, Veena Vasista, Chris Myant, Judith Farbey, Rajiv Menon, Stephen Simblet, Sharon Persaud and Heather Williams.

Barry Clarke is a solicitor with Russell Jones & Walker, specialising in employment law and discrimination law, both areas of practice which are increasingly influenced by human rights considerations.

Published by Lawrence & Wishart in association with the Discrimination Law Association, ILPA, CRE and 1990 Trust

This book no longer available fro purchase.