Consultation responses

Over the years, the DLA has established a reputation for its knowledge, expertise and understanding of discrimination law issues. Government departments and other statutory agencies regularly seek our views on changes and development in law and policy areas.

Participation from members ensures that our contributions to policy and public debates are grounded in and informed by the experiences of those affected by discrimination cases and issues on a daily basis.

This page lists all of the submissions and responses that the DLA has made to government and European Commission consultations, as well as contributions it has made to research, surveys and consultations by other organisations. The most recent submissions are listed first.

As an added resource, for some consultations we have added links to the responses from other organisations.

Transforming Legal Aid

The DLA has submitted a comprehensive response to the government's consultation: "Transforming Legal Aid".  Many thanks to all those members who sent in responses and comments of their own which were fed into the final document.

The DLA's response can be read in the attached document

Revised PACE codes of practice

The DLA has recently submitted a detailed response to the consultation on revised PACE codes of practice 2013 as per the Home Office website:

You can read the DLA submission here:

PSED Review - call for evidence

The Discrimination Law Association has submitted its response to the Government's call for evidence as part of its PSED Review.

The submission takes the form of a main text plus five exhibits - examples received by the DLA over the last few weeks which back up the DLA's argument that the PSED needs to be retained. As it states in the DLA's response: "We submit that ... the balance sheet will show negative costs, that is, a profit flowing from the PSED rather than a loss."

Thank you to all those who took time to send in examples, most of which you will find in our submission.


Improving educational outcomes for travelling children

The Discrimination Law Association has submitted a response to the Department of Education's consultation on "Improving educational outcomes for travelling children", focussing particularly on the government's intention to repeal repeal s.444(6) which provides a partial exception for parents whose work requires them to travel, including Gypsies and Travellers; however the DLA argues that the repeal is not a ‘proportionate means of achieving a legitimate aim’ and therefore may amount to indirect race discrimination and a breach of the Public Sector Equality Duty and the Human Rights Act.

You can read the DLA's submission by clicking on the link below:

Local Government transparency

The DLA has submitted a response to the Department for Communities and Local Government Consultation on Improving Local Government Transparency.  Following the publication of the ‘Code of recommended practice for local authorities on Data Transparency’ in September 2011, ministers would now like to make the code a legal requirement via regulations.

You can find the details of the consultation on the website:

and read the DLA submission in the attachment below.

Schedule 7 review

The DLA has submitted a response to the Home Office consultation on proposals to review the operation of Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000 - details on the Home Office website :

Please click on the attached file below to read the DLA's response.

Women in the Workplace

The DLA has submitted a comprehensive response to the inquiry into Women in the Workplace set up by the House of Commons Business, Innovation & Skills Committee in Sepember 2012.  You can find details of the particular issues that the Committee was seeking answers to on the Parliament website here: 

The DLA response can be read by opening the attached file below

Bill of Rights - second consultation

The DLA has submitted a response to the government's second consultation on the need for a Bill of Rights. The consultation asks questions that build on the 2011 Discussion Paper and on the views that have been heard so far, about whether or not there is a need for a UK Bill of Rights, and if so, what the form and content of any such Bill might be.

You can find details of the background to this consultation on the MoJ website here:

Third-party harassment/wider recommendations/questionnaire procedure

The government continues to chip away at the Equality Act in the name of "business efficiency".  The DLA has submitted three separate responses to government consultations on proposals to repeal specific provisions of the Act:

  • employer liability for harassment of employees by third parties
  • employment tribunals' power to make wider recommendations in discrimination cases
  • procedures for obtaining information (questionnaires): section 138 Equality Act 2010

You can view the details of the consultation documents on the GEO website here:

and the DLA responses in the attached files below

Dealing With Dismissal and "Compensated No Fault Dismissal"

The DLA has submitted to response to the BIS's Call for Evidence, seeking views on the concept of ‘compensated no-fault dismissal’ for businesses with fewer than 10 employees.

You can read the background to this survey on the BIS's website here:

and you can read the DLA submission in the attachments (PDF and text) below.