Practitioner group meetings

PGMs provide a unique opportunity for members to discuss discrimination law matters in an informal setting with diverse experts and practitioners. They are of particular interest to those advising and representing complainants. It is possible to join on the day to attend a PGM.

PGMs attract CPD (Continuing Professional Development) points through the Bar Standards Board and the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Meetings are usually in London, although the DLA hopes to make certain future meetings available by podcast through the website.

The views expressed during these meetings do not necessarily reflect the views of the DLA, and the DLA cannot be held responsible for any opinions or advice shared during PGMs, which constitute informal discussions between members.

EHRC Strategic Legal Cases - 11/12/2013

Sarah Lowe, Senior Lawyer from the Equality and Human Rights Commission, and Wendy Hewitt, Commission deputy director, Legal, presented a fascinating talk outlining the EHRC's agenda and current strategic priorities with details of recent cases that they have been involved in.  You can view their presentation slides here

Alternatives to the Questionnaire procedure in discrimination claims - 20/11/13

Kiran Daurka of Slater & Gordon gave a very interesting talk entitled “Alternatives to the Questionnaire procedure in discrimination claims” to a well attended meeting at on Wednesday, 20th November.  The talk sparked off a lively discussion afterwards.

You can view the slides accompanying this talk in the attached file below

Developments in Justification - 17/7/13

Robin Allen QC of Cloisters Chambers (profile) gave an extremely interesting talk on Wednesday, 17th July on the subject of “Developments in Justification” in the light of the case of O’Brien (a part-time fee-paid judge who worked for the Ministry of Justice. He was not entitled to a pension when he retired, although full-time judges were - the Supreme Court upheld his claim).

The meeting was unusual in that, in addition to the usual skype transmission, it was also relayed by videolink live to Birmingham.  Many thanks to St Philips Chambers for providing the venue.

You can view the slides from this talk by clicking on the link below:

Disability Discrimination & Workplace Stress - 13/6/13

Simon Cheetham of Old Square Chambers (profile) gave a fascinating talk on the subject of "Disability Discrimination and Workplace Stress.

You can read the handout to this talk by clicking on the attachment below

Religious discrimination - 24/4/13

Susan Belgrave of 9 Gough  Square gave a very comprehensive account of recent cases involving religious discrimination (inlcuding Eweida, Ladele and Mba).  You can view her slides and handout in the attached files below.

Equal pay - Daphne Romney QC - 16/1/13

Daphne Romney QC of Cloisters Chambers gave a very interesting talk to a packed audience on equal pay, focussing on the recent Birmingham County Council case in which she achieved a record settlement in a major claim.

You can view the handout and slides from this talk in the attached files below.

Employment status

Catherine Rayner gave a fascinating talk on employment status on 12th December 2012.  You can read her handout in the attached file below.

Age discrimination

Declan O'Dempsey gave an update on age discrimination law on 21st November 2012.

“Julia and John are hardly spring chickens”- Amanda Hart - 18/7/2012

Amanda Hart of Doughty Street Chambers gave a fascinating talk on the issues of discrimination involved in the recent Miriam O'Reilly (ex-Countryfile presenter) case.  Amanda Hart was junior counsel for the claimant.

You can view the presentation slides and the judgment in the attached files below.

The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights: putting it into practice - Peter Reading - 23/5/2012

Peter Reading examined the effect of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights in the UK and how practitioners can apply it to their work. In particular the session reviewed the effect of the Lisbon Treaty on the status of the Charter, the recent Court of Justice of the European Union case of NS v Secretary of State for the Home Department on the status of the Charter in the UK, the Achats case on the incompatibility of provisions of the Gender Goods and Services Directive 2004/113/EC with the equality provisions of the Charter, and how the Charter can be applied in discrimination and human rights claims as well as policy work.

The slides from this seminar are available in the attachment below.