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Practitioner group meetings

PGMs provide a unique opportunity for members to discuss discrimination law matters in an informal setting with diverse experts and practitioners. They are of particular interest to those advising and representing complainants. It is possible to join on the day to attend a PGM.

PGMs attract CPD (Continuing Professional Development) points through the Bar Standards Board and the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Meetings are usually in London, although the DLA hopes to make certain future meetings available by podcast through the website.

The views expressed during these meetings do not necessarily reflect the views of the DLA, and the DLA cannot be held responsible for any opinions or advice shared during PGMs, which constitute informal discussions between members.

  1. June 2009 Daphne Romney QC - Equal Pay
  2. March 2009 Discrimination and Redundancy
  5. September 2008 “Backlash? Are the higher courts undermining hard-won principles of discrimination law?”
  6. July 2008 Malcolm PGM Papers Now Available
  7. July 2008 The House of Lords overturns Clark v Novocold. Where to now for DDA cases?
  8. April 2008 What are the most effective ways to ensure carers do not suffer discrimination?
  9. April 2008 Sexual Orientation Regulations – Goods, Facilities and Services
  10. April 2008 Using the Race Relations Act to protect migrant workers
  11. April 2008 Religion and belief: the current state of law
  12. April 2008 Joint Meeting: Strategic litigation on age related matters
  13. April 2008 Age discrimination: The new law
  14. April 2008 The new Public Sector Duties (DDA and Equality Act)
  15. April 2008 Statutory Dispute Resolution Procedures
  16. April 2008 Indirect discrimination
  17. April 2008 Taxing discrimination
  18. April 2008 Defining disability: case law and the new Guidance
  19. April 2008 Age Regulations 07/09/2005
  20. April 2008 Goods Facilities and Services cases - Tribunal or County Court 25/07/2005
  21. April 2008 Conflicts of Rights in Discrimination Law 19/07/2005
  22. April 2008 Burden of Proof 26/04/2005
  23. April 2008 Burden of Proof on DDA Cases2 26/04/2005
  24. April 2008 3rd Party Liability
  25. April 2008 Refections and Initiatives on the Road to Sex Equality - EOC Briefing