Consultation responses

Over the years, the DLA has established a reputation for its knowledge, expertise and understanding of discrimination law issues. Government departments and other statutory agencies regularly seek our views on changes and development in law and policy areas.

Participation from members ensures that our contributions to policy and public debates are grounded in and informed by the experiences of those affected by discrimination cases and issues on a daily basis.

This page lists all of the submissions and responses that the DLA has made to government and European Commission consultations, as well as contributions it has made to research, surveys and consultations by other organisations. The most recent submissions are listed first.

As an added resource, for some consultations we have added links to the responses from other organisations.

Specific Duties

Discrimination Law Association response to consultation Equality Act 2010: The Public sector Equality Duty – Promoting equality through transparency

Guidance on matters to be taken into account in determining questions relating to the definition of disability

The DLA has been considering the draft Guidance from the Office of Disability Issues - overall it found it a helpful document but has put forward a number of suggestions on certain points

GEO consultation on Questionnaire Procedure

The DLA comments upon the GEO's proposed guidance and form.

DLA response to EHRC equal pay code of practice consultation

The DLA welcomed the opportunity to participate in this consultation, but has concerns about the contents of the draft Equal Pay Code.

Earning the Right to Stay

The DLA's position on the Government's proposal to move towards a flexible points-based system for immigration is set out in this response. 

GEO consultation on Specific Duties

The specific duties play a vital role in setting out what approach authorities should take towards compliance with the general duty, but the DLA has reservations about the proposed changes to the specific duties.


This response to the UK government consultation highlights the DLA's concerns regarding the proposal for an EC Directive providing protection against discrimination outside of employment on grounds of religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation

DLA response to Equality Bill: Assessing the impact of a multiple discrimination provision.

This response shows that the DLA welcomes the Government's recognition of the gap in existing provision for protection against discrimination on multiple intersectional grounds; seeks to allay fears regarding any increased burden in bringing or defending claims of multiple intersectional discrimination; corrects a misunderstanding regarding appropriate comparators; argues that protection should be extended to cover indirect discrimination and harassment, on a combination of two or three protected grounds. 

Single Equality Bill Submission to House of Commons Committee

The members of the DLA wished to bring a list of issues of concern about the proposed Equality Bill to the attention of the House of Commons Committee considering the bill. This list formed ther basis of this submission to the Committee

Proposed Duty on Pubic Authorities to promote Socio-economic Inequalities

To find out why we think that the goal of tackling socioeconomic disadvantage is important and meritorious, but one that requires a broad, thorough, well-informed and consistent approach at the highest level of policy-making in all areas of Government (central and local) from health to social welfare to housing to education to employment download a copy of our submission here.